Diabolik Lovers Anthology & Hakuouki Official Taizenshuu


After I’ve been so upset for days due to HMV shipping cost, the books finally arrived. And they instantly cleared my ferocity off.

May I complain over the matter a bit. I’ve ordered Hakuouki Official Taizenshuu and Diabolik Lovers Comic Anthology in HMV (though the links are amazonjp’s). Continue reading

Diabolik Lovers Drama CDs

Diabolik Lovers

(from left – Raito, Ayato, Shuu, Reiji, Subaru, Kanato)

Diabolik Lovers Official Site Updated!


More three pictures have been updated in Gallery on the site (Ayato‘s, Kanato’s and Shuu’s, but all attached with the protagonist). Where is MY Subaru! Above is the old one, updated on site for a while.

The game would be released on 13.09.2012. So for now, I can only listen to their voices from drama CDs over and over. T.T

Therefore I’ll talk about my feelings about the CDs a bit. :3

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