Gin no Kanmuri, Ao no Namida

This entry is not recommended for those under 18 years old.

Gin no Kanmuri Ao no Namida

Finally had a chance to complete this game. Actually, this is not the first Aromarie game for me, I just found it more interesting than Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari.

It’s better than I’d imagined. You know, it’s a game about adultery. Yeah, the plot allures the player one way or another to commit adultery, to be unfaithful to her husband.

Perfectly immoral.

What I said is better than I’d imagined at first is that the situations are quite prepared to sound plausible for Aya to be seeing another guy after getting married. Like when she’s scared by a suspicious car and people, it looks like, for her, Shinichirou, her husband, doesn’t care at all. He never stays by her side when she needs help. So, what’s that supposed to mean? I think if we take a look at this weakling’s Aya’s point of view, it’s normal she would hold on to another guy who always cares and comes for her immediately when she’s desperate.

All right. Now I have enough reasons to continue playing. XDDDDDDD

I put Shinichirou the last in order. Not because I hate him, but rather because even when I hadn’t played his route yet, I felt guilty all the time seeing him back home. Finishing him first probably stops me from playing the other guys, so, that’s why.

I’ll go by my play order. If any guy has more than one end, I’ll talk about his best end only. But special ends will be included.

NB: Containing spoilers and 18+ contents

———————✿ Kamio Reiji ✿———————

CV:  Ubukai Tokunori (Suwabe Junichi)

I played him first because he looked hot. Period. XDDDDD

Kamio is a stylist. Aya normally goes to his salon after work and that’s where they’re getting close. They don’t obviously reveal their feelings for each other, though.

Losing her wedding ring, Aya assumes it must be lost during her having a…manicure? hand-spa? not sure here but clearly at the salon. She calls at Kamio’s place where he physically warns her what he might do if she comes to him. However, Aya visits him again and this (and next) time(s) he sexually harasses pleases her (they don’t have sex). This keeps on until (if I remember it correctly) Aya learns that Kamio’s salon’s about to get permanently closed. She asks Shinichirou for help (how dare she…) and he actually grants her that as his last present for her. Aya and Shinichirou quietly break up, each wishes for the other’s happiness.

When Kamio knows how his salon has been saved, he’s pissed. Aya says goodbye to him after getting only reproaches from Kamio so badly. However, they unexpectedly meet again one day. Kamio immediately drags her into an alley and, eventually, they make out on the spot Σ(゜ロ゜;) AND do it again at his place. Kamio confesses that he’s been in love with (and wanting to be inside) Aya for a long time. So, they’re living together and Aya becomes the mistress of the salon. Happy(?) Ending.

Aw, Kamio’s route is a bit irritating for me compared to anyone else’s. Well, during doing H stuffs to Aya at his apartment, he says all the time that he’s doing this for personal amusement alone — no strings attached, so to say. It somehow looks like sexual abuse which its victim happens to enjoy herself with. Aw, those scenes are a bit too creepy for me. I don’t so much like them. Vibrator thing inside you while walking home, seriously? and even meet a colleague who’s falling for you (Ryou-kun) on the way, seriously!? But at the end, all right, the couple look happy enough. The final CG is so sweet that the whole thing so far seems a lie to us. Somewhat deceitful. (-__-)” I might say I was disappointed. Look, I chose to play Kamio first, remember? (╥_╥)

———————✿ Izumi Ryou ✿———————

CV: Noumiso Ramen (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Ryou-kun is a university student doing a part-time job at Aya’s workplace. He’s been in love with her for a long time. But after Aya gets married, Ryou-kun decides to give up and wishes for her happy married life.

However, as a person who’s always watching Aya, he knows at once that Aya’s not cheerful as usual, so he consistently encourages her. One day they accidentally meet while Ryou-kun’s with his acquaintance and the boys seem to get into a fight. Ryou-kun takes Aya to his place not so far from the scene. Aya suggests Ryou-kun date with his friend’s sister who’s been in love with him (if I’m not mistaken here). Ryou-kun gets furious yelling he loves only her and how dare could she say it’s a misunderstanding. The brat guy pins Aya on his bed and they SEEM to be doing it when Aya realizes that she might be his FIRST woman. Yeah, cutie Izumi Ryou never had sex before as in fact he had not been really interested in women or dating until he met Aya. Ryou-kun’s getting more and more excited while listening to Aya’s direction. (*´∀`*)

Ryou-kun and Aya have been happily together until Ryou-kun asks Aya to think seriously about their affairs. Aya tells him to wait since Shinichirou’s now away from home. When Shinichirou comes back few days later, Ryou-kun directly talks to him on the phone that he wanna talk. The three of them meet at a restaurant. Ryou-kun blames Shinichirou for Aya’s loneliness. Then the boy leaves and the newlyweds(?) talk in private.

No quarrels in this route. Aya and Shinichirou do talk like adults. Shinichirou even praises Ryou-kun and says that Ryou-kun’s gonna be a good man in the future. Here Aya teases him “Even a better man than you are?” XDDDDDDD Anyway, Shinichirou and Aya break up with good will for each other. It also looks like they can remain their friendships even.

So, after long unrequited love, Ryou-kun finally has Aya’s heart. (I’m so happy for you Ryou-kun! 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。) Aya moves in to live with him and Ryou-kun suggests they have a trip to Italy in order to visit his family there. Happy Ending~

Ryou-kun! You adorable creature! I really love him. ♥(ノ´∀`)Even in other guys’ routes, Ryou-kun still has the same feelings for Aya and it’s just painfully beautiful. However, despite his inexperience, WHY ARE HIS エロSCENES SO HOT? Personally, Ryou-kun’s エロscenes are the hottest compared to other guys’. The CGs are also beautifully drawn. Oh, I just love his route.

———————✿ Haruna Makoto ✿———————

CV: Sakura Hiroshi (Maeno Hiroki)

Haruna works for a delivery agency. He calls Aya “Onee-san” and often teases her when asking for her sign. After Aya getting married, they go on a date and become closer. So, when Aya’s scared of the suspicious car he comes to see her at home. They finally make out there.

The next morning Aya learns that Haruna has a classical music competition to attend. He and his cello pass the audition and Aya secretly cheers for him at the hall in the following round. He performs so beautifully that Aya nearly cries. Then Haruna takes her to his little cottage near the sea where there’s no electricity. XDDDD He tells her about his family and they make out under the moonlight and the sound of the sea. *whistle~*

When Haruna sends Aya home next day, he got hit by Shinichirou who’s been waiting in front of the apartment. I don’t remember which happens after which but Haruna has to go to the hospital and Aya and Shinichirou break up. So, Aya moves to a new apartment near the sea and Haruna tells her he fails the audition but some university has noticed him. Haruna is happy that from now on there are only two of them so that they can do H stuffs whenever they want. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD The couple say they love each other. Happy Ending.

Hey, I quite like him! (although I don’t remember what happens in his route so well…what’s wrong with my memory by the way?) Haruna is lively and cheerful. Well, at first I kinda ignored him since his look wasn’t my type, but awww he’s cute and he seems good at H stuffs too. Always order goods online if you wanna see him.

———————✿ Asano Yasuhiro ✿———————

CV: Houdentei Gatsu (Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Asano is Shinichirou’s close friend. He visits Aya several times while Shinichirou is away because the woman can’t live alone. Well, perhaps that’s a bit harsh. Let’s say she’s scared of the suspiscious car and letters. They finally have affairs at Tanimura’s as Aya doesn’t want Asano to go back.

Aya then realizes that she loves Asano. And if what she’s feeling right now is love, then she might NEVER love Shinichirou. (Aw, so why did you bother accepting his proposal, woman?) Aya confesses her love to Asano and he’s so flattered that he won’t regret dying right now. XDDD Knowing their affairs (for there are spy-phones all over the house) Shinichirou comes to Asano’s place to talk. He kinda can’t believe Asano would betray him. Shinichirou and Aya go back home to talk in private and decide to break up.

I pity Shinichirou BUT IT SERVES HIM RIGHT. He admits to Aya that he’s also a coward. He asked her to marry him knowing well that he himself would be busy with his work from then on BECAUSE he’s afraid she’d leave him. Marriage would bind her with him something like that. Obviously he really loves her but he lets her go and wishes her happiness anyway.

Aya then lives with Asano. She tells him she wanna make a family with him. Leaving his home at about 7th grade, this delightful offer almost brings him to tears. Happy Ending.

Aw, I don’t know how to put my feelings for this route into words. Although the story doesn’t show how Asano and Shinichirou’s friendships become, the couple seem happy. :3 I’m so glad I put Asano before last. He’s the closest to Shinichirou and of course the guy’s reasons behind his being away a lot would sensibly leak to us. (No spoilers to myself! XDD) For Asano, yeah he’s good looking, but um…I still like other guys better than him.

———————✿ Tanimura Shinichirou ✿———————

CV: Shoutou Erusa (Horiuchi Kenyuu)

You mean to say you do such face in YOUR wedding ceremony, woman?

Shinichirou is a client at Aroma Park Hotel where Aya works. He falls for her and they’ve been dating for a while before he proposes to her. After some-time hesitation, Aya accepts his proposal.

Because of his work, Shinichirou rarely stays home. During that time Aya’s encountered with fears from suspicious letters and people. Also, there’s always a black car in front of their apartment and Aya is sure that its driver’s observing her. She tells her husband all this but he just says she’s over-thinking it.

One day after Shinichirou already knows that Aya lost her wedding ring, he’s about to go to work when Aya says they need to talk. He refuses saying he and Asano don’t have that much time. Some time later he calls her on the phone and Aya admits that without him, she feels lonely. After that Aya unexpectedly sees him across the street and he notices her too. Aya is confused because he told her he couldn’t come back yet. Suddenly Shinichirou cries out to her not to come near him. Right there the car comes and crashes him.

At the hospital Asano tells Aya all about her husband’s work. Shinichirou is the head of the strategy team something like that. The rival company kept an eye on him, so he needed to be very careful. Asano also tells Aya how Shinichirou sent all his bodyguards to protect her instead and left none for himself. Actually Shinichirou’s never been abroad or up-country, but lived in another apartment all this time. These are all to prevent that rival company from meddling with his beloved wife.

Back at home Aya and Shinichirou have a serious talk that almost becomes a quarrel. Shinichirou finally understands that there’s no point risking his life to over-protect Aya as she couldn’t live without him. They make up and HE intends to make out. But Aya stops him saying that until he gets full recovered, she won’t allow him to do anything like that. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

In the epilogue Shinichirou checks his health at the hospital and everything is fine. The couple go back home and spend their ラブラブ time together. Happy Ending.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Good thing I reserved this for last. Well, it’s sweet but SHINICHIROU ARE YOU STUPID? *sigh* He should have at least explained to Aya what he’s up to. Or did you expect her to know you’re doing all for her by intuition? Come on! Aw. I should stop complaining. Well, yeah! He got a good reason, I knew it! (But I still prefer Ryou-kun. *slapped*)

———————✿ Kichiku Route ✿———————

The route would be unlocked only after the player has cleared all characters. In this special route it seems like Aya flirts around with everyone, especially after Shinichirou learns that she lost the ring and thus not coming back home. Aya calls Haruna to her place. She somehow tries to initiates sexual affairs but Haruna gives up in the middle. However, she intentionally orders goods online again in order to meet him. This time Haruna doesn’t hold back.

Hope all the CGs in this section aren’t too outrageous.

Our next target could be decided after Haruna. If you go to the salon you get Kamio, if you invites Ryou-kun to dinner you get Ryou-kun. Of course I love Ryou-kun so Ryou-kun is our next target XDDDDDD After two meals outdoors together, Aya then invites Ryou-kun to her place with “I don’t want to have dinner alone” excuse and he falls for it. At her apartment Aya makes her move first and Ryou-kun has been too deeply in love with her to refuse.

Here if the player picks Kamio, Aya would get a haircut at his salon and next time goes out and has dinner with him. Aya then invites him on her apartment when he walks her home. Right after the door closes, Kamio begins the whole thing. The guy seems to enjoy it because he likes playing with other guy’s woman. (ಠ_ಠ)

The next day Aya comes back home and finds Shinichirou ALREADY there. Aya becomes scared only the sight of him for a good reason. He strongly pushes her down and seemingly begins to make out with her. However, Aya hears a sound along and realizes that it is HER own voice. That’s right. Shinichirou plays what the spy-phones all over the house have recorded. He knows it all what she’s done WITH OTHER GUYS while he was away. Serves you right bitch. Aya keeps apologizing but Shinichirou doesn’t seem to forgive her that easily. He asks who her partners were but she won’t tell him. And Shinichirou DID look scary. I don’t know how to explain but I’d better not cheat on him if I were his wife.

So, when Aya wakes up in the morning, she finds all her necessary belongings gone including shoes, money and key card. Shinichirou took them all so that she’s unable to go out. When he comes back he kind of sexually abuses Aya. Well, if I’m not mistaken here (kanji are all over the screen, you know(╥_╥)) it looks like after he inserts the vibrator thing inside Aya, he ties her to the bed with his necktie and then he goes out to work just like that, leaving the vibrator’s motor ON.

When asked why he’s doing this, Shinichirou say “because I love you”. (WTH. You’re misunderstanding something, Shinichirou-dono.) Well, but everything else looks just the same. He generally does NOT mistreat her all the time except in sex and except that he won’t allow her to go out. I think that makes the whole thing even creepier.

He does something to her again before leaving for work. I’m not sure what he did, but it absolutely deals with ROTOR. And Aya needs to be in such state until he comes back. Now it seems Shinichirou doesn’t mess Aya up as a revenge, but he seems to believe for real that if she’s THAT lonely when he’s not around, these sex toys could replace his presence. …(⊙◇⊙)… Aw this is worse.

Then Asano just appears. Pop! (It did feel like that.) and he’s in the same house with Aya in humiliated state. But he suddenly gets a call from Shinichirou, takes the thing the latter forgot, and leaves. So, Aya is left with the rotor and MISSES Shinichirou and wants him to hold her instead of that stupid, hard-working tool.

Shinichirou takes Aya out for dinner. When they’re back at their apartment, Shinichirou receives a call from Asano. If we decide to escape, here something happens to Aya. Aya uses this opportunity to run away. UGH I WANNA SCRATCH MY SKIN FOR NOT GETTING WHAT’S HAPPENING HERE. Take it easy DiDa (abbr. for DimDawn), let’s look it over. It’s a red screen so Aya must get hurt. Is Shinirou the one who did it? There’s a paper-knife. There’s a hideous wound on Aya’s face…

All right, let’s say I understand it this way (you can correct me if it turns out that this is all my hallucination and such lol): Aya tries to escape; Shinichirou catches her arm and drags her back (to bed?); Aya feels the pang; she sees Shinichirou’s face and a paper-knife is in his hand. So, Shinichirou slits Aya’s face…? Really not sure here I’m sorry. Shinichirou tells Aya that her face looks ugly right now and other guys might walk away from her — but he won’t. The cut is quite serious and they have to take care of it immediately. He tells her he loves her and won’t ever let her go like for the rest of their lives. End.

Awwwwwwwwwww WTH!? It’s so frustrating I can’t understand the whole thing that happened right before the end. But, all right. Obviously Shinichirou is a yandere type deep down inside. Kichiku route literally means brute/monster route, so that should refer to Shinichirou, right? It’s not clear if he did it “intentionally” but it’s creepy to see Shinichirou THAT calm under such circumstance. (Sorry? Your wife got blood all over her face, sir?) Now I pity Aya. She just looks confused and nothing else.

BUT if we decide NOT to escape, when they’re back home Aya asks Shinichirou for a kiss. He kisses her gently like before. Then Aya wakes up in the middle of the night and find Shinichirou’s been throwing up. She gets back to the bed and cries(?). WTH is happening here!?

Then in the morning Shinichirou scares Aya by doing the same thing. But this time it is a chastity belt. When Shinichirou comes back and releases her(s), Aya asks for a kiss. And if, she says, he doesn’t think she’s dirty, she wants him to hold her. So they make out.

The morning comes and Shinichirou doesn’t put anything inside Aya this time. He only says “no need” and leaves. Aya found a dress Shinichirou bought for her and now it looks like the door’s not locked anymore. The thought of escape comes across since she doesn’t see herself a human being now. Right then she gets a call from Asano and learns that Shinichirou’s doing a dangerous job now and the black car she’s been scared of actually is her bodyguard. Realizing that her husband has been doing it all thinking of her, Aya feels guilty like hell. After all she’s the one who betrayed his love.

As she can use her cell again, Aya calls the hotel and tells the manager she quits. Ryou-kun calls her right away with such a worried voice but she wishes him happiness and cuts the line.

When Shinichirou comes back he is shocked to see Aya there saying “welcome back” to him. (So, he really left a way for her to run away. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is too much for me.) Shinichirou says he has no confidence of holding himself back and might do anything even meaner to Aya, so she’d better leave right now. The couple have a serious talk and Aya reaffirms that she won’t leave. She belongs to him and loves him. “Til death do us part” does Aya intend to be with Shinichirou. End.

I have to say it’s a good service for the player (in a distorted way), especially a player like ME. Yay~ Come on creepy stuffs~ Don’t be afraid I couldn’t take you, I’ll welcome you in my arms~~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Now I guess I’ve become creepy myself. OTL But I admit I was really into this route.

———————✿ 3P Route ✿———————

This route concerns Aya, Shinichirou and Asano. The route begins to differ from Shinichirou’s and Asano’s routes when one day Shinichirou, tired and sleepy like hell, comes back home with Asano. (Well, if I’m not mistaken, it’s here another choice pops up.) Most of the story is the same with Asano’s routes until the night Asano accompanies Aya at her apartment that the story seems to enter 3P territory for me. (I smell Yaoi stuffs here a bit…) Aya remarks that she misses Shinichirou, then Asano says he wanna see him too. The next night Aya and Asano make out as the same in Asano’s route.

Then Aya comes to Asano’s place. He tells her that they’d rather talk here than her house because Shinichirou has placed the spy-phones all over there. They discuss about how they would do with Shinichirou and their affairs since Shinichirou is a very important person for them both. Aya decides to go back home.

When Shinichirou comes back, he apologizes for letting Aya be alone for such a long time and it won’t happen again. Aya asks him about his work and he explains it all. And the details…are too difficult for me to understand. OTL WTH Well, he talks about the threat and his position. I think if the player has played the game this far, this is kind of a reward. As I could remember, this is the first time we know EXACTLY what Shinichirou’s been up to. His speech reveals everything left unexplained in other routes, including his job, his being away, the black car — everything. And it’s Shinichirou himself comes out and talks, which is absolutely more precise than what we heard from Asano.

Shinichirou tells Aya he knows now that he should have told her all. But they’ll be quite at ease from now on as it’s all over. He apologizes for letting her handle fears alone. So, Aya confesses that she has an affair with Asano. Shinichirou is shocked by the name Asano. However, after taking some time with himself, he tells Aya he only knows that he loves her. Then they make out and during that time Shinichirou keeps murmuring things like “he (Asano) did such and such thing to you” or “why Asano” to Aya.

Shinichirou then asks Aya about her relationships with Asano. She frankly tells him she doesn’t understand and is silent when asked whom she would choose. However, after all that happened, Shinichirou’s still unable to hate his friend. When coming back home, Shinichirou brings Asano with him. The lattar tells Aya that he and Shinichirou already had a talk at their workplace, now the three of them need to talk together.

First Shinichirou apologizes to Aya. He had no idea how hard she’s been through alone. Then when asked whom she’d go with, Aya says she doesn’t know. She can’t pick either of them. Asano insists that it’s all right if she won’t pick him since he doesn’t think she would choose him anyway. (What a good guy you are, Asano!) But he’s glad she values his feelings too. Here the two guys don’t look like hating each other at all. They talk over the matter as close friends like before.

So, Shinichirou decides that he won’t demand Aya and Asano’s breaking up. But he won’t break up with her either. They can still be going out together only with conditions. Asano might be seeing Aya only when Shinichirou is away for work, and strictly not flirting in his presence. Shinichirou says to Asano that he won’t allow this if it’s not Asano, and, after all, it’s mainly because he couldn’t find other solutions for the three of them. Each of them treasures the other two, so there’s no way else.

After dinner outside and making out, Shinichirou tells Aya he would come home late the next day. So, Aya goes to Asano’s place. Asano says he wanna hold her and she grants that. Upon starting Asano notices Shinichirou’s kiss marks and kind of becomes turned on. It looks like the scene when Shinichirou had sex with Aya after learning about her affairs with his close friend, only vice versa.

Aya goes to Kamio’s salon and gets her wedding ring back. Then Asano visits her at home to apologize. While they’re kissing, Shinichirou appears. Aya then kisses Shinichirou in front of Asano and says that she loves both AND wants both! XDDDD (Aw, why did I laugh at this scene, by the way? lol It’s just, Aya is so brave. XDDDDDDDDDDD)

And the 3P starts. Well, actually I can’t handle 3P stuff. (╥_╥) But three of them all enjoy it. Still, it looks like Shinichirou’s the one who takes control. (さすがに!) After that, the guys keep teasing one another and all of them look happy enough. Aya kisses them both.

In the epilogue, Asano comes to Tanimura’s. Aya tells him Shinichirou won’t have sex with her without Asano. So, Asano says he himself would also be patient until Shinichirou comes. (Shinichirou-dono, you’re clever. (≖‿≖)) Then the guys give Aya a present. There’s a new ring inside with her and Shinichirou’s initials on one side and her and Asano’s on the other. Asano too proposes to Aya. Shinichirou says the three of them need to find a new bigger house and live happy ever after together. If they have a baby, they would raise it well together no matter who its father is. (FOR REAL?) Happy(?) Ending.

So, it’s a service for 3P fans. (not meeeee~~~~~~ *sob*) I’m not a fan of 3P stuff but I enjoyed the route and especially its ending. The story is both serious and funny. I don’t know how to put it. But if you don’t think 3P is disgusting, make sure to try this route. I think Asano is even more likable than in his own route. I like how the game focuses on the guys’ friendship without leading it to Yaoi territory. I quite like this route if you ask me. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ It really is the best way to end the game.

———————✿ Overall Impression ✿———————

A fidelity-test game, I might say.

But I’ll say I like it! *(*´∀`*)☆

The music, especially the opening theme, is soooo beautiful. That’s what I specially like in this game. It’s bitter-sweet. I really enjoyed listening to the background music.

My Guy Ranking:

Ryou ➜ Shinichirou ➜ Haruna ➜ Asano ➜ Kamio

Ryou-kun. Oh, I love him. Such an honest and unwavering guy when it comes to love. Cute! きゃあ~ (fangirl-mode on again) For Shinichirou, I like him both in his own route and in kichiku route. Well, knowing how much he cares for Aya (despite his conducts) I was like “Awwwwwwwwwwww I’m sooorry hubbieee”. XDDDD The only thing that’s kinda lame for me is his voice in エロscenes. It just sounds weird (I’m sorry Horiuchi-san, but it’s a truth (╥_╥)). But in normal scenes his voice is soooooooo cool. Aw. I feel like fainting. lol Actually eveyone’s (except Shinichirou’s) voice during エロscenes is really nice. (*ノωノ)アン~ I think the seiyuu is suitable for each character too. Well done, Aromarie! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

Well, I wanna give a brief comment on this so-called (at least in my country) Adultery Game. Not that I’m a feminist (I’m NOT), but I think Shinichirou has a huge part in leading the whole thing to this way. Communication IS very important in relationships especially in couples. Shinichirou doesn’t tell Aya anything, I mean ANYTHING. So, as we all know, women are an over-thinking creature and it couldn’t be helped they would feel ignored by their husband. All right, not all but most do. If a guy doesn’t explain what he’s been up to to his wife (when it’s this important like in the game), no matter how eagerly she wants to, there’s nothing for her to understand.

For routes, they’re all good. Well, Kamio’s is kind of disturbing but I believe there are otoge fans who like this type…? Diversity is understandable, all right. Special routes are also interesting. (Well, I wrote them quite in details up there. Never meant to write that long but it’s a proof that I really enjoyed these special routes. ( ̄ー ̄))

After clearing the last route, i.e. 3P route, the Omake section in the Extra menu page would be unlocked — 究極の愛 (Ultimate Love?). It’s kind of a situation CD with picture and it was so fun! I was a bit annoyed at the sound volume but I’ll *sigh* neglect that. All characters come out and meet. (Worth striving for this reward.) And, you can guess, it’s all chaos! XDDDDDDD Ryou-kun is so cute as ever. When he sees Shinichirou, he’s like “へ? This is ダンナさん?” lmao

Finally, I just wanna say that the game TOOK MUCH OF MY TIME was so enjoyable for me despite its immoral concept. This is the first 18+ otome game I’ve completed and I’m impressed.

Didn’t intend to post this long. Thank you for reading!

Special Thanks: for letting me know who’s who :3

18 thoughts on “Gin no Kanmuri, Ao no Namida

  1. Long time no see~! ヾ(^∇^)
    Thanks for introducing us to another good R-18 game.

    Yeah, so this time we have immoral cheating as the main theme… I know, it’s nothing good, but it’s kind of refreshing, since very few games have this theme. On top of this I think it’s refreshing to have an older heroine once in a while instead of your typical highschool girl.
    It would be nice to have more grown up heroines in games, since they can get more randy! ≖‿≖

    As for the routes, most of them are really good done and I think I can understand the heroine somehow… It can be hard to be faithful, especially in this setting: husband not at home often -> guys hotter than her own hubby around -> affair bound to happen xD

    All the guys look good, I loved Haruna’s and Ryou’s design the most! Especially Ryou… he’s such an innocent and adorable cutie! (*°∀°)=3 You now what?! I don’t like the Kichiku Route, since it’s really creepy, but honestly… the CG’s in this route are the best! They are so smexy I can’t control myself anymore. *drools* xDDD

    • Hi, there!

      Yeah, this game kind of changes the atmosphere. I normally play PSP games, so it’s refreshing as you said indeed.

      Kichiku route shocked me at first as well. But I’m one of those who can handle yandere stuffs, so it turns out to be interesting for me. (But it’s understandable if most girls won’t go through the route.)

      The CGs in every route are hot really. What a shame I couldn’t put them here. lol

      Thanks for reading! (`・ω・´)”

  2. I played Chou Hana, in fact it’s the first R-18 that I’ve played and kinda shocked with the story lol especially the incest one. But judging from your review this game is much better. I’m not into adultery story but Ryou and Haruno…. very interested with both of them xD

    Thank you for the review ^-^/

    • Thank you for reading! (`・ω・´)”

      Well, actually I like incest in Chou no Doku Hana no Kusari. (*ノωノ)
      What disturbed me is rather the characters’ psyche. I just felt a bit uncomfortable with their dark sides.

  3. I have not touched this game ever since the year of its release and your review makes me wanna play it again and do my own post lol. I didn’t get to do all the other guys’ routes before, but damn it all, I’m so tempted to hear the ecchi voices of the other guys XD

    • Try it! XDDDD

      You know, that’s the same reason for me to finish all endings. I just wanted to hear the guys’ voice. lol

      Thank you for reading! I’m looking forward to your review then. ;3

  4. lol I hated the husband guy so much I couldn’t bother going through the kichiku route ==;;; i can’t stand when they try to make rape and 放置プレイ some kind of fetish when its cruel and disgusting lol. good job on making it through XD

    • Thank you for reading! (`・ω・´)”

      Yes, I got the feeling. It was a bit awkward for me too, kinda disgusting and eccentric. I mean especially both endings in Kichiku route, one crosses the line, the other is also barren since Aya decides to stay with her husband mainly because of guilt not love. The “til death do us part” cliche is now used through obligation, not from the couple’s real feelings.

      But the 3P route kind of lightens the whole game up. That really is soothing lol.

    • Yup! He’s also my favorite. Seeing his look alone we couldn’t tell he’d be this cute. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Ryou-kun banzai~

  5. straydog12 says:

    Great review, you making me want to play this game.

    Overall the OST was good to listen especially the opening. The voice actors are perfect. I love Morikawa Toshiyuki voice the most… But why it wasn’t you the main chara!!! Sob…. Sob….


    First I play this game… oh well, it;’s just egogen.. the story probably very shallow, and always end up with sex. For some reason, it is… but for some routes. I prefer the Shinichiro and Ryo’s route. I feel the love! Oh my…

    But for you guys who don’t like two timing your partner, better not play Shinichiro’s route first.

    Don’t make the same mistake as I am. When I try to play other, it makes me feel betraying Shinichiro again, again, again, again, and again. It hurts me a lot.

    • Thank you for reading!

      Yup, I also loved the way we could feel love in Shinichirou’s and Ryou-kun’s routes. Normally, it’s hard to expect such delicacy in R-18 otome game.

      And yeah, that’s also why I decided to do Shinichirou’s route last. It wouldn’t feel right after already knowing how much he loved Aya.

  6. Sounds interesting. Wish it was in English though. By the way, do you know where to find the full version of the opening and ending songs of gin no kanmuri ao Namibia if there’s such thing? Thanks

    • Sorry for a late response.
      Well, I don’t think they officially released soundtrack. Guess only big companies like Otomate or QuinRose would do that because they’re sure it would sell.

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