Otomate x Pasela Collaboration Café

***Please note that the information is subject to change. I write this guide based on the time I visited the café (October 2013). Please confirm the details on its official site.

♣ What is Otomate x Pasela Collaboration Café? ♣

As the name suggests, the café is a collaboration of Otomate and Pasela. It serves a variety of food and drinks and sells game/character goods. Menu is all inspired by Otomate games and characters and may contain their motifs. For example, a dish inspired by Diabolik Lovers’ Kanato may be decorated with Kuma-shaped edible ingredients. Besides, customers are surrounded by Otomate-guy wallpapers, game music and so on.

Of course, there are original goods available for purchase. But most of them are often sold out. So, it depends on luck whether you get to buy them or not. Goods could be checked online here.

The café opens 11.00 to 23.00 hrs. daily. Importantly, reservation in advance is required (in the same day). Customers of the same round would get in together and everyone has the same amount of time: 2 hours. But you need to place your last order within 90 minutes.

There are 5 rounds a day. 34 seats are available per round. Now I can’t find that information on the site, but, fortunately, I captured it for my own use. So, here’s the rounds.

You normally get the next round of the time in which you make a reservation. But you could make a reservation early at 10 o’clock no matter which round you’re planning to come.

♣ How do you get there? ♣

Let’s look at the map. I put some numbers on it.

1 – Otomate Café (Pasela Resort Akiba Multi-entertainment Building)
2 – JR Akihabara Subway Station
2.1 – Electric Town Exit of Akihabara Station
3 – Yodobashi Akiba
4 – UDX
5 – Softmap
6 – Animate – Tora no Ana – Game Taito Station
7 – Intersection
Please also notice the road numbers 437 and 17. They’re tiny blue tags with white font in the map. The road from 7 to 6 and on is numbered 437, Chuo-doori. (Click the picture to view full-size.)

I. Take subway (JR Line) to Akihabara Station (2).

  • Distraction: Tower Records is located on Yodobashi (3). There are tons of CDs you might be interested in.

II. Choose Electric Town Exit (2.1). You’ll see Chuo-doori (Chuo Street) (437) in front of you.

  • Distraction: From here if you turn to the right, you’ll find Softmap at the corner. Walk a bit more, you’ll find Game Taito Station, Tora no Ana and Animate respectively. That means you’re on the right street. (UDX (4) is behind these buildings. So is Akiba Station.)

III. From Electric Town Exit, walk along Chuo-doori to the left until you find the intersection (7).

IV. Turn right on the road number 17.

V. Pasela Resort Akiba Multi-entertainment Building (1) is on your left. (Photo Source)

VI. Go to the second floor.

Could you see the sign Honey Toast Café? Above the sign, behind the glass are chairs. That’s where we’re gonna be!

You may use this keyword to find the place in Google Maps: カラオケ パセラ AKIBAマルチエンターテインメント It’s the same place.

♣ How do you do it? ♣

1. Get yourself to the café.

Go to the 2nd floor. It’s called Collabo Town Paselabo. At the front desk, tell staff members you’re making a reservation for Otomate Café. (There are a lot of cafés in this building.)

2. Make reservation.

They might suggest a round for you. If you’re okay with it, you can now make a reservation. It is important that you tell them the right number of customers as tables are fixed. For instance, you say 1 customer and later you come with a friend. Your friend won’t have a seat. So, be careful. Just ask them everything you wanna know. (In Japanese, of course.)

3. Wait for your round.

Make sure you get back to the café ON TIME. Five or ten minutes earlier, perhaps. I don’t think anyone who reads this blog will have problems waiting because you see, YOU’RE IN AKIBA. It’s just, please don’t get lost! lol.

4. Contact the front desk at the 2nd floor.

When it’s time, contact the staff. You’ll receive your seat card and a menu.

5. Wait in front of the little podium.

Everyone would gather in the waiting line. It doesn’t matter who comes before or after since right now they’ve already prepared the seats for you all. You may spend this waiting time deciding what you’re gonna eat and drink AND which goods you’re gonna purchase. (The real menu is mostly up-to-date. It states clearly which items are sold out.)

6. Listen to the staff.

Staff members in various kinds of costumes would come at the little podium. At one point, one of them may ask if anyone comes for the first time. If you don’t wanna stand out (lol), you might as well stay quiet. But if you want to learn some basic rules of the café, you may raise your hand. The staff then will explain them to you. Normally general things such as no smoking inside. It’s nothing serious. Just act with common sense manners as in restaurants should be enough.

7. Follow the staff.

Staff members would usher you to your seat. Inside would look like this. (Photo Source)

You see the tree between the two screens above? That’s the entrance.

Upon your entrance, the far end on your right is chamber-like seats.

8. Order your meal and goods

On your table, there are pieces of paper for you to tick your order (both food&drinks and goods). At this stage, if you can’t sufficiently read Kanji, you may compare the texts between the menu (which comes with pictures) and the order paper. Then, give the paper to the staff. The sooner they got your order, the faster you got your meal~

9. Enjoy your meal.

  • Just in case, silverware is in the metal box.
  • Paper Lunch Mat

On your table, there will be a piece of paper lunch-mat turning its face down. Turn it over and, SURPRISE! It’s random. Although theoretically it’s designed as a lunch mat, IT IS a poster. You may roll and seal it in your bag. xDDDD (I didn’t see a single person placing a dish on that.)

  • Paper Coaster

One piece per one drink. It’s also randomly given by the staff when a drink is served (face-down, too). If you want more, you’ll have to order more drinks. (I wasn’t brave enough to put my glass on it.)

10. Wait for your goods.

Check the goods. If the goods you order are sold out (in addition to those clearly stated in the menu), the staff will inform you. Double-check them with the bill.

11. Take your seat card out to the front desk and complete the payment.

Now grab all your belongings, including the goods, and take the seat card out to the front desk to make payment. Mission Complete!

♣ My Visit ♣

I walked from Ueno Station to Akiba! lol. I got to Otomate Café quite late in the afternoon so I got the 18:30 round. Staff members were very nice and tried their best to understand me. xDDDDD

I was there alone so this was my seat. It’s facing the 17 road. (I don’t remember its name, so I use its number.)

One screen next to the entrance was behind my back.

Actually, I’d already had dinner with my family, so I wanted something light just to know the taste. I ordered one cold soup and it was yummy! (I love cold soup.) The drink was something with sakura syrup from Hakuouki. (Sakura syrup, you see.) It was good, too!

I guess I was lucky I got Norn9 poster as it’s my favorite game. (I love the idea of voicing the girls.) But, you see, I would be happy with any title. xD

Despite my early leave, I was so impressed. And that impression still lingers. I’m finding my time to go to Japan again. (Time won’t allow it, though…) It’s good just to be in such atmosphere.

Alright! I hope this guide is helpful. I’d also love to hear from you if you’ve been there.

From now on, this blog would stay still again for some time. I really don’t have time for writing something big like reviewing games. Just dropping by to check the news is all I could. I’ve intended to write this guide since I’ve been back but it’s finished a year later. I apologize it comes out this late.

Well then, I wish you all a happy new year! Thank you for reading!