Musketeer -Le sang des chevaliers-

After some time in backlog, I finally resumed and finished Musketeer! (ノ>▽<。)ノ

I’d like to share my impressions on Musketeer guys and a bit on other elements in the game, hence this entry. ~\(≧▽≦)/~ It won’t be long I hope. I’ll make it clear, this is NOT a review, only my personal impressions. You may find that pictures exceed texts way too much but please excuse my self-indulgence.

There might be some spoilers here and there (oh! also in pictures!) so, beware! (Afterthought: but the game is not that new, I think most have played it already, so it might be okay I guess. (`・ω・´)ゞ)

My play order is perhaps unusual (when would I stop this bad habit of saving the hot guy for later, by the way?). Here is how it went: Rochefort ➜ Treville ➜ Richelieu ➜ Porthos ➜ Aramis ➜ Athos ➜ Constantin

——–✿ Rochefort ✿——–

(CV: Takahashi Hiroki)

Rochefort is an instructor and a subordinate to Richelieu. He has a strong akuma form which, in other routes, the three musketeers put a lot effort in defeating. I didn’t intend to play Rochefort route first. Somehow his eyes caught my attention and yes, I followed him to his bedroom and put him down and then I realized I’ve already fallen for him.  (*ノωノ)

He’s cold, but truthful. I love truthful guys. (*ノωノ) For some reason I could sense that he’s interested in me d’Artagnan in a passionate way. Something about his unconditional loyalty to Richelieu impressed me deeply. Since he seems to keep all pain to himself, I just can’t leave him alone. *(*´∀`*)☆

At first I didn’t like him. (Of course! He looked suspicious!) He kept calling d’Artagnan kisama kisama and I went like ಠ_ಠ. Yeah, after some time one could get used to it. XDDD His end surprises me, but I guess it’s not that shocking for the story of which background concerns akuma (demons) and 300 years grudge. Early in his route, it just feels normal, but after I learned that he has some affection as well, the route becomes a bit exciting, for I’d really like to know how Rochefort would solve this love VS duty problem.

(Oh, it’s so キラキラ bright when he smiles.) I’m happy that at least he’s found something he’d want to do for himself. He always followed Richelieu-sama‘s orders around and for such a person to disobey for a woman’s sake it means he loves her “ardently” (XDD Allow me to use Mr.Darcy’s word here). He even gives himself away to Richelieu as atonement for his betrayal. 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I really liked him! ♥

——–✿ Treville ✿——–

(CV: Kawada Shinji)

I HATED him. He’s so cruel. How could he play with people’s feelings? Although he falls for his prey later but he still thinks of using d’Artagnan as a sacrifice for his one-sided love Constance. (After Constantin route, we’d know that this mess is all his misunderstanding after all.) He’s an art instructor and he IS an akuma. He’s the one who kills d’Artagnan’s father and plots her arriving at the Chevaliers Gakuen. Treville’s route is open after the player finishes at least one route. Everything about the past is revealed here.

In this route, d’Artagnan annoys me. She gives up to the fate set before her and just does nothing but keeps loving Treville. He also agrees to that and they play this lover game, pretending to be lovey-dovey together until the day the gate should be open. Well, it’s annoying, yes, but when d’Artagnan says to Treville that “please don’t be kind to me from now on or I’ll become more in love with you” aw, I feel sorry for her.

Well, at least her goodness wins Treville’s heart. If she’s one of those hot-head girls he wouldn’t find it hard to kill her. I fairly liked this route, though. (But the fact that I hated Treville never changes. XDDD) Treville changes his mind in the last seconds when all is almost too late. His end is typical, but I found it a bit strange. I just feel like if they can’t stay together normally in this life, I find Rochefort’s end more fascinating.

——–✿ Richelieu ✿——–

(CV: Hoshino Takanori)

DO NOT get deceived by this picture, his regular appearance is like the one below. (But his youth appearance is hot.) Why does it become like this? For ossan-lovers, Otomate? To be honest I dislike the ossan voice (but the youth voice is all right.) Richelieu is the headmaster of Chevaliers Gakuen and was some kind of a French military general in the past.

Halloween Event

I feel a bit awkward in this route for I’m not an ossan fan. Well, in this route the player learns a lot about what happened in the past, from a different viewpoint. Another thing, I can’t believe d’Artagnan to be that innocent and a dumbass. (After several times of rendezvous with him she still has no idea who he is.) I found it pleasant, though, the way they call each other by code names. Anyway, Richelieu is not such a liar like Treville. He appears to be quite honest to his feelings for d’Artagnan.

The ending is great. I almost said it’s ideal. [Spoilers ahead] the turn-back-time solution looks easy but it serves all purposes the route needs. Still, I don’t feel so much attached to Richelieu although he’s good-looking in his youth. It’s just tickling, I guess, knowing that in fact he’s an ossan. Well, technically, Rochefort is an ossan too but I still like him. (´`;) ?Is this bias? XDD (For Treville, if it is acknowledged that he is immortal, then he’s not one)

——–✿ Porthos ✿——–

(CV: Hatano Wataru)

Halloween Event

Porthos is cute! I really like him. ♥ Every time he comes onstage I always get excited. He’s so lively and there’s always small but enjoyable trivia in his route. Porthos originally hates women and gets along very well with male friends. He’s so popular that everyone calls out for him whenever he’s seen. Somehow he got an interest in d’Artagnan’s poker face and finally falls for her.

D’Artagnan often greets him and instantly goes away. (Perhaps he’s not used to being ignored? XDDD) In Porthos route the player doesn’t learn much about what’s really going on. It mainly focuses on Porthos and d’Artagnan and his relationships with people around him. Porthos is quite a tsundere always saying he doesn’t do blahblahblah for her sake but actually he cares a lot about d’Artagnan. Also, he’s very POSSESSIVE. (*´∀`*)

I love the joke that he always gets transformed to akuma-form when he’s thinking about ecchi. XDDDD It’s funny that it takes some time before he realizes the reason why he can’t control his transformation although it only happens when d’Artagnan is around. (*ノ▽ノ) It feels refreshing playing his route and the ending is cute. In sum, I like Porthos though the route is a little too plain for me.

——–✿ Aramis ✿——–

(CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

Halloween Event

Aramis the gorgeous. I mean, look at his hair! XDDD There’s some funny trivia about Aramis’s hair in Constantin’s route. Both perform a duel which takes place at the beach and when the breeze comes Aramis murmurs something like “Oh! my hair, I can’t let it messy, the fans are watching!” lmfao. Well, digression aside, I like his route although he’s an asshole. It’s a bit tardy early in the route, but after the making up the couple goes unabashedly sweet that even sugar might lose!

Aramis has trauma about relationships despite his seemingly friendliness. It looks like he’s realized for a while that he’s deeply in love with d’Artagnan to the point that he can’t live without her. That’s why he tries to send her away before that state (which in fact it’s already the status quo). He tests her faith in him over and over and our good-hearted heroine still keeps on believing in him. But one couldn’t go on with that forever so at one point d’Artagnan finally snaps. That’s when Aramis finally admits that he’d rather die if she won’t forgive him. Thank goodness, d’Artagnan comes to save him from hurting himself. They make up at last and I never expected the shy Aramis to be SO cute! (*´▽`*)

Aw, I can’t help but love him. (And it’s great he stops that stupid frustration although I got the feelings how those who distrust people would react when someone’s getting closer to them.) What I specially like in this route is that it’s the only route d’Artagnan herself admits that she’s no different from Aramis, both of them are hypocrites: Aramis about his personality, d’Artagnan about her revenge for her father. Perhaps this similarity is one reason why Aramis’s willing to take her into his life. :3

——–✿ Athos ✿——–

(CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa)

Athos is the head of the three musketeers. Well, I never expected him to be a slight ore-sama type. LOL Not to mention that he’s voiced by Hosoyan, he looks soooooooooo HOT. Also, his akuma form, it KILLS. Gosh, I almost died in his route. He normally puts on serious face but he laughs a lot when talking to d’Artagnan and it’s charming. X3

Halloween Event

For Athos, (the route, I mean) actually, I feel so-so. Well, the way his cute&shy DERE mode contradicts his “I’m capable of anything” character is enjoyable. (There’s a scene, though, in which d’Artagnan teases him by asking him to read her an erotic novel, and he just can’t LOL. Poor Athos.) I also loved how Athos reacts when d’Artagnan says something misleading to him and he just realizes later that it’s not H-stuffs XDDDDDDD.

Athos is smart. He can almost predict everything beforehand if information suffices. I was impressed that in other routes he understands Aramis’s complex and forgives the latter. So, actually Athos is very kind (even if he turns into an enemy in those sensei routes). Despite his fear of staying an akuma forever, he sacrifices himself to protect d’Artagnan at the end. That’s touching. (But it comes out a happy ending whatsoever.)

——–✿ Constantin ✿——–

(CV: Shimono Hiro)

I’m not a megane fan and I don’t specially feel anything for Constantin except that he’s a cute kouhai. BUT it must be Shimono’s voice that makes this character so attractive! Constantin route is open after the player has cleared all main pursuable guys and can be accessed from the menu screen ➜ Special section. The story begins after Constantin sees d’Artagnan get killed then he uses the necklace power to turn back to the summer time before she arrives at the island.

So, in this route d’Artagnan’s father has been saved and she needs not take revenge. Thus, d’Artagnan is presented as a real lady. She doesn’t have to challenge the musketeers for Constantin secretly does everything necessary to prevent her from dying. He doesn’t care everyone calls him a cheater and is happy that d’Artagnan understands that he has some reasons. (It’s not actually cheating, it’s kind of setting an advantageous situation for himself to win XDDD) She won’t say a thing to him, he’s the one who saved her father’s life after all. (❁´◡`❁)

Halloween Event

Although eventually he has to ask the three musketeers for help but it is his effort that makes them agree. Constantin route is of course a reward to the player since the shocking fact is revealed. The real identity of Constantin and d’Artagnan shocks Treville and the over-time grudge is settled by negotiations. No blood and violence. There’s this joke after the ending credit: when Richelieu and Treville know that Constantin and d’Artagnan would go to the beach together, they wanna tag along to see her in a bikini. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Well, for this route, I don’t like Constantin but I love Shimono’s voice. The route is definitely great and worth striving for. A great reward.

——–✿ Overall Impression ✿——–

The game is good although there’re some routes that bored me. The character design (art) is excellent: characters have unique appearances and are all attractive. The characterization is all right. Most of the characters are dynamic, especially Aramis. I always prefer characters with layers. C:

For the story, originally I never read Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, so I can’t properly tell how the adaptation is. Still, as these routes go, I enjoy the story. The fantasy elements are added and what’s more, d’Artagnan is a girl! The pace is quite good, not too tardy. At least I didn’t fall asleep during playing it.

The background music is pleasant and catchy. What I specially love is the opening theme (I’m with U by STIL). The ending themes are also sweet. All of them are collected in Musketeer Original Soundtrack.

My Preference: Rochefort ➜ Porthos ➜ Aramis ➜ Athos ➜ Treville ➜ Constantin ➜ Richelieu

LOL I’m really biased toward Rochefort. (What’s so good about him I wonder. XDD) It doesn’t mean the others are not good, though. It’s just my personal preference here. :D

Nothing more to say, I guess. Thank you everyone for reading so far! See you next entry. (。・ω・)ノ゙

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