First Impression on Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- [Short Entry]

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Finally, this one is for PSP. I don’t play Bloody Nightmare so I don’t really know the difference.

I haven’t gone through until the end yet. But I’ll shortly give my first impression upon starting the game.

The menu’s fonts are too small. I had to stare like mad on the screen before deciding to give up and just looking at the drawing instead.

The scenario fonts are totally legible.  Thank Universe it’s very readable. I remember how I felt when I saw Diabolik Lovers’ scenario fonts and swore silently. BWS’s won’t cause pain to my eyes.

I enjoy background music. Oh, yeah. For me it’s really worth my money for OST. No, the overall tone is, of course, not lively. It rather suggests vague, grim situations waiting for something like hope that’s lurking. Good one.

I’m excited to see the character’s eyes and mouth move! I do sound like an idiot here. But according to my small experience on otome game so far, I met only still characters. This is my first time and it feels really good. LOL

No screenshot system makes me a bit sad. I’ve tried finding the way to take screenshots by its OWN system but found none. Yeah, I have some plugin I can rely on but it gives different feelings from the already provided one. I’M TERRIBLY SORRY. I WAS AN IDIOT. I FINALLY FOUND THE WAY TO CAPTURE THE SCREEN. I APOLOGIZE FOR MY CARELESSNESS.

All right! That’s all I can say for now. It’s not a big deal but it’s kind of a good indicator that BWS might NOT fail me. I do hope I could finish this one — although not so soon. (◔ヮ◔)ッ

6 thoughts on “First Impression on Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- [Short Entry]

  1. WHAT?! NO AUTO PICTURE CAPTURING?! Y U DO DIS OTOMATE?! щ(ಠ益ಠщ) I mean, normally they have that feature, what on earth happened to that?! :( I really wanted to print those beautiful CG’s…

    I heard that Rejet still had his hands on the story, so it’s actually NOT SO FLUFFY at all… ^^ I think I’m gonna cry like an idiot while playing it…

    Well, I can’t wait to play it myself, but I’m so busy and the game was shipped yesterday… LOL It will take at least two weeks to arrive anyway.

    Have fun playing BWS LH. :D :D

    • Thank you Haruna-san! (and Happy New Year! lol)

      If the game arrives and you happen to find how to screenshot by its own system, I would be happy to hear how. :D (I don’t very much like the plugin screenshot. *sob*)

      I also have high expectations on Rejet. Hope we can share our impressions after finishing the game. (◔ヮ◔)シ

  2. Oh, I started on LH and OMG… those twitching ears!!! I just can’t resist them! 8D

    But seriously, I’m feeling like, I’m actually reading a book and not playing an otome… LOL And everything is so dark and depressing and LONG…

    I’ve been playing since I don’t know like 10 hours and I haven’t even done half of the story? OMG, it will take sooooo long to finish it and my review until now is a real tl-dr… xD I think I’ll need a break from LH after finishing Rath’s route… (/ _ \) Rejet totally wrecked my mental state…

    • I saw your update and just forced myself not to read it xD. Please excuse my bad habit about spoilers stuffs since I plan to finish at least one route of BWS Last Hope, too. But now I only have little time left before going to bed (and I really need to sleep) so I decided to officially drop playing it for a while. Or it would be like three conversations of the characters and then ZZzzzz…. lol

      Hope you’d get through it, Haruna-san! It’s said to be less dark than Bloody Nightmare. 。◕ヮ◕。

      • Ah, don’t feel bad about it! ;) I hate spoilers as much as you do. I had a hard time to resist reading all those tumblr reviews, when I was waiting for my game… 8D

        Yeah, let’s share our gaming experiences after we are done!!! I think this game will take me pretty long to finish it…

        See you around! :)

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