12 ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~

I got an impulse that I need to say something about 12 ji no Kane to Cinderella. The game was so enjoyable I couldn’t resist. (ΦωΦ)✦

12 時の鐘とシンデレラ ~Halloween Wedding~
(12 ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~)

I’ll go over the guys one by one according to the official site’s order.

Please note that this entry contains SPOILERS. Thank you.

———————✿ Roy ✿———————

Roy was such a sweetie. A prince charming. Aw, he’s so adorable. (*´∀`*)

Odette met him at downtown market after moving out from her mansion. She somehow helped him and he wanted her accompany for next 散歩. As they’d fallen in love, Roy offered to help Odette with her household but got rejected. Odette found out at the masquerade that Roy was actually a prince. Days later she refused to meet him again but our prince didn’t give up. Announcing to find the lady he’d been with that night, Roy publicly used the glass shoe to confirm Odette’s identity. She wouldn’t come with him that easily but he finally dragged her to his palace and waited until she accepted his proposal. A tsun as she is, it took some time before she could be honest. XDD

I’d missed the best end several times before I realized the route importantly needed Cinderella key motifs: glass shoes and magical stuffs. So, technically, if the player doesn’t get along with Glass AND Sirius, the game leads to the other ending. (Gaining both their friendships also adds one more heart-affection.)

Roy’s is the main ending obviously. It’s the prince and Cinderella story. ✖‿✖ The route was sweet (and funny XD). I enjoyed Nobuhiko Okamoto’s voice a lot. So lively.

———————✿ Gilbert ✿———————

To tell you the truth, I HATED HIM at first. Well, can’t say it’s because of his personality since our heroine did make herself look suspicious. Odette was curious about him so she kinda became a stalker. XDDD Later Gilbert saved her from some delinquents and they became friends. As a rough guy who’s interested only in “strong” or “weak”, he didn’t understand when Odette told him to at least be gentle to “beautiful” flowers. He told her he’d been nearby lately because his MASTER had sneaked out and he came to find him.

When he learned about the Scarlets he offered to help but got refused. (Here if you decide to depend on him you’ll get 人形end and Odette would become his sex slave doll in return for his favor. Gilbert, you ドS HENTAI ღ(ー.ー;) This end shocked me really.) They reconciled after Odette got an invitation to the ball and Gilbert seemingly totally agreed with her idea to take advantage from the prince. But at the ball Gilbert stole Odette from the prince in front of everyone. He had planned a revenge on Roy who’d caused troubles for him so far. XDDD And in fact, he wasn’t pleased at all that Odette wanna depend on other guys.

Later they’re on dates ラブラブ together in town and Gilbert almost sliced Chance off for teasing him. lol Then Odette asked him to protect her forever and Gilbert told her he’s beginning to understand what “beauty” meant. (And absolutely he meant Odette.(*≧艸≦))

This route seems a bit lacking for me perhaps because Gilbert is the only character who didn’t meet with the Scarlet girl gang. He’d never been to Odette’s house either the apartment or the Scarlet mansion (I mean in best end). Well, that’s absolutely because of his duty as a royal bodyguard for the prince but I somehow got a sense that he wasn’t serious with Odette. For megane fans (which I’m NOT), he could be so adorable. There’s a scene with his glasses off as well. Gilbert’s CGs might be said the safest even if he’s a possessive 変体 (but an S rather than a yandere I think). He’s fairly enjoyable during his route, though.

———————✿ Glass ✿———————

While shopping one day, Odette almost fell off because of some little boy and Glass just happened to grab her. He was a pro-shoemaker so he repaired Odette’s damaged shoes for free. Odette later helped Glass with his shop since he’s a fussy type who wouldn’t make his shoes for those who didn’t deserve his craft. Glass too offered to help Scarlet house but Odette rejected in fear that he would do something dangerous.

Odette came to his shop again to ask for his help after receiving an invitation to the ball. Glass didn’t want to make a pair of shoes that would lead other guys (the prince to be exact) into crushing on her so he confessed his feelings to Odette. She felt the same but insisted to attend the ball anyway. At the ball, Glass couldn’t stand that his darling was イチャイチャ with the prince so he stole her back to his shop through MIRRORS. It turned out that he was a glass monster, not a person. However, Odette didn’t care about that at all.

The scene they got back to the apartment was so funny. Elise suggested they get proper rest since they must be tired. After making out whole night, the couple coughed hearing this. (*´艸`*) The situation somehow turned awkward since Elise only meant the chaos at the ball. XDDDDD Though you didn’t realize this Elise, …Good job! ✦( ̄ー ̄)b

The Scarlet household was saved so the girl gang moved back to their mansion. But that wouldn’t cause any obstacle to the couple since Glass could drag Odette to his shop through mirrors whenever he wanted. People started calling Odette the shop’s mistress and it did look like that. lol

Aw, Glassy you adorable creature. (●´∀`●) More importantly, who would’ve thought he was THAT passionate. I mean, it doesn’t fit with his look. (Or is it because of Sakurai Takahiro’s voice? XD) I didn’t expect his route to be this enjoyable. (I mean, all he thought about was shoes. Who’d think he could be so cute? >ヮ<♥) And for me his エロscenes got the hottest CGs.

———————✿ Chance ✿———————

I had weird feelings for him before starting his route. But later I found him unexpectedly amiable, lively and cute! And I just come to love him. ❥(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Chance was a lizard monster so almost everyone in town avoided him (mainly because they’re afraid of his kind). That trifle wouldn’t affect our nonconformist heroine. Although she found it out later, their friendship remained the same. This astonished Chance and he was happy that Odette didn’t mind. They had several dates(?) before Odette told Chance her family problem. He offered to help but, like other routes, got refused. Odette told him she’s not that PATHETIC. (But you cocky girl, he only wanted to help! ヽ(#`Д´)ノ) Later in downtown, she ran into him who was carrying piles of gifts which were all meant for her as apologies. They reconciled (she was not that angry anyway) and Odette gave him a kiss in exchange. And Chance was like shot by a stungun. XDDD

As a carriage driver, Chance took the girl gang to the palace. He then appeared at the ball in his lizard form which Odette had thought all along was his cute little friend. ⊙△⊙ They escaped Reynald the Maou to the forest. Then it’s イチャイチャ time in the pumpkin! XD As Gilbert had informed Odette before that Chance also had his fearsome traits, now they came onstage. Seeing Odette with the prince, Chance’s ヤンデレ mode had been switched on. He CUT her dress with his knife saying it would be gone at 12am anyway.

Chance, are you FOR REAL?

But a fan of everything grotesque as I am, Chance has already stolen my heart away.  (*ノωノ)アン~

Back to the apartment in the morning Chance wanna meet with the Scarlet girls with Odette. She remarked that it would look like they’re to get married and Chance casually said he did mean that far. Odette argued that he never proposed to her before and the situation went like this:

Chance: I love you. I’ll definitely make you happy. Please always be by my side. All right, that’s the proposal. Now, let’s go meet your family.


So, the same as other routes, the girl gang moved back to Scarlet mansion. I’m not sure if Chance also moved in with them but he did look like a housewife. He formally proposed to Odette later when other Scarlet girls were off. (*`艸´)We know what you’re planning, guy.

———————✿ Sirius ✿———————

It’s revealed in his own route that Sirius was an old acquaintance of Luciana’s, Odette’s true mother. In fact, he was their ANCESTOR. In this route, Odette was quite honest. She knew he loved her mother so she wanted him to look at HER, not under her mother’s shadow but as an individual. As a wizard, Sirius offered to save Scarlet household. Odette, of course, refused.

Later Odette found Sirius on the floor (drunk?? or just fell off??) in his shop. He thought Odette was Luciana so he accidentally confessed his love for Odette to the exact person. After Sirius realized the situation, Odette asked him again if he liked her and he said yes. Sirius had been cursed to fall in love only with his relatives. (I think he’d been rejected over and over all his life. Awww (゚´Д`゚)゚) So, he was surprised to learn that she loved him too. After that Odette went to the ball, was kidnapped by her jealousy lover, and they both rode a broom back to the shop. Odette agreed to marry him only if he would have a kid with her.(?) (not sure here)

Well, Sirius’s route is fairly enjoyable for me. But since everyone except Roy follows the same pattern, I somehow prefer other guys. Sirius is quite an adult-type (he’s actually a lot older than that XD) and I rarely fall for this type. He seems more like an elder relative for me.

———————✿ Reynald ✿———————

WTH with this guy’s end? OTL I don’t get it. щ(゜ロ゜щ) Could it be called A route I wonder? And it’s the shortest, is shorter than Feather’s (which is already considered short) and it shortens the length of the game. All right, let’s say it’s an event.

One night Odette told her girl gang she forgot to buy something and went out. She met Reynald who’s doing some fireball juggling(??) Somehow he judged her to be a sorrowful lady which perhaps Odette couldn’t strongly refuse after all that happened to her family. She met him again after learning the truth of how she had been defrauded. Reynald told her she could come and talk to him whenever she wanted to. So, they met again and Odette told him she wanted to restore Scarlet house some day. And the game ended just like that.

So, if Odette presents herself to be a weakling here, take the Maou and give up everyone else, gal.

Come ON. What’s with this end? I mean it’s Reynald end but the player isn’t given a chance to learn anything about him. So far the player knows who he really is from other routes. Moreover, it’s a BAD end. Perhaps there should be his proper route as well QuinRose? Something like a short hidden route should be fine. His character’s quite interesting so far.

And if I’m not mistaken, I heard Roy call Reynald at the ball in other routes. So, Reynald must be the ossan Roy mentioned to Odette in his own route and it consequently means the pumpkin carriage came from Reynald’s magic. Also, in Sirius’s route they clearly walked side by side at downtown market…

My dearest Roy, do you mean to say you and the Maou are friends?

Things could be complicated.

———————✿ Feather ✿———————

I got Feather from my first play attached with confusion. XD I did Roy’s route but somehow got Feather instead. Later I understood why and could escape his end properly. 。◔‿◔。

Feather lived in the same apartment that this girl gang moved in. (S)he dropped by to say hello and became friends with Odette. (S)he was a 豆mania as (s)he was a dove-monster. Well, I guess I should stop this bracket thing. Odette could not recognize his male-form and thought he was Feather’s lover, so Odette tried to avoid his presence (but in vain). Feather helped Odette find the truth about her household. Odette then realized the she and the he are the same person and began to feel strange. So, when Feather wanna hold her he would be in female-form so that Odette wouldn’t resist. XD They end up イチャイチャ in the park and Feather looked so happy.

Well, I like him. XD It felt a bit lacking at first with such strange voice in Feather’s female form. But I’ve become used to it after some time. His route is indeed short and somehow I think it’s a consolation route. If you got no one, you still have Feather, something like that. Poor Feather!  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

I do hope Feather would have his real route in 24Cinderella. I wanna feel him more.

———————✿ Overall Impression ✿———————

OMG. I finally understand why everyone loves QuinRose. It was so much fun playing this game. The music, the characters’ humors, the art works, the smoothness of the story, they’re all excellent. The heroine’s also SUPERB — strong and even sarcastic. There’re tons of event CGs and I really love that. A lot of エロscene service. Although something’s a bit odd but that’s a tiny point I can look over. Mini-games are quite fun as well.

The system is also simple once you know how the game works. In terms of affection and choices, although there’s nothing that tells us we choose the right choice, we can still check the affection gauge at the option page. It won’t show immediately, though. The green hearts would turn red/pink after some 3-4 right choices. Challenging enough. Certain route has been decided from the start so we need not worry we won’t get our targeted guy EXCEPT Feather and Reynald. Beware of these two. XD

As a Cinderella story, key motifs must be noted in order to get best ends. Prince + glass shoes + magical dress. The events may differ a bit in each route but they hold the same logic. My only complaint is the skip button won’t run automatically. Apart of that, I was okay with everything else. In sum, I enjoyed playing this game so much. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

My plays went like this (Reynald and Feather don’t count):

Roy ➜ Glass ➜ Sirius ➜ Chance ➜ Gilbert

My guy ranking:

Chance ➜ Glass ➜ Roy ➜ Gilbert ➜ Feather ➜ Sirius ➜ Reynald

My favorite guy would absolutely go to Chance. I’m a yandere fan so his jealousy kind of clicks and he’s been cute so far in the game. Yeah, as Odette said — 犬みたい。 XDDDDDD His lizard form is adorable (leave the real ones aside here ( ̄◇ ̄;)) and the scene they watch the moon together is soooo sweet (although they’re having fight). Aw. I just can’t wait to play another QuinRose game. o(>▽<)o

However, there’s a hole in my “Scenes” ➜ “Others” menu. I wonder what I’ve missed. Since the chaseable guys’ CGs and scenes are all complete, I really have no idea what this missed scene is. I believe it has to do something with Reynald but I heard he had only one end so it should be something else. I’ll appreciate if anyone could tell me. (◠‿◠✿)

10 thoughts on “12 ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~

    • Thanks to you that I’ve come to know QuinRose. d=(´▽`)=b
      I may as well borrow your line
      “Take my money, QuinRose~” lol

  1. So glad you enjoy this game, I did play this game but didn’t finish it yet. I still can’t touch Chance. I do like him but I am afraid of lizad, when I saw his lizard form I was like screaming . Even if it is a cartoon but I still can’t handle it :(

    • Yeah, it freaked me out at first, too. Good thing there’s no CG that Chance in lizard form is on Odette’s shoulder or something. That would be too much. ღ(ー.ー;)

      But you’re all right with mice, I suppose? In 24-cin there’s a character who’s a mouse. (=.=) Do you plan to play this one?

      • xD I don’t mind the mice or even roaches. Lizard is my biggest enemy lol. Yes I plan to play the sequel. ^-^

      • OMG you don’t mind cockroaches!?
        Honestly, I can’t handle them at all. ~(>_<。)\

        BTW, I'm quite excited with 24-cin. Can't wait! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ

      • Ha2 yeah I don’t mind cockroaches at all even in the real life. If I saw them I just used the spray and clean the mess lol. Me too I can’t wait for 24, I just love QR’s games. Btw what games are you playing now?

        Gosh sorry I don’t intend to make this post into chatting place :v:

      • It’s all right. I’d love to exchange any opinion with you. :3

        I’m on Arcana Famiglia right now, but I rarely have time to constantly continue. So, I’m playing it with unusually slow speed. I plan to play its sequel next as well before checking on the anime. Honestly even now I’m still a bit confused about its system. Maybe I’ll suspend it after finishing the first route and continue some from my backlog.

        PS that’s amazing how you could handle cockroaches…

      • Ha2 but when I saw lizard I’ll scream like a banshee lol

        Arcana famiglia is a great game, yeah the system is very different from others but the comic style really catch my interest.

        Hope you will enjoy this game as much as I am. Will waiting for your review ^-^

      • Thank you! (Though my impression post would take a long time before coming out) Hope we could fangirl over the game together then. (◔ヮ◔)

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