Otomate x Pasela Collaboration Café

***Please note that the information is subject to change. I write this guide based on the time I visited the café (October 2013). Please confirm the details on its official site.

♣ What is Otomate x Pasela Collaboration Café? ♣

As the name suggests, the café is a collaboration of Otomate and Pasela. It serves a variety of food and drinks and sells game/character goods. Menu is all inspired by Otomate games and characters and may contain their motifs. For example, a dish inspired by Diabolik Lovers’ Kanato may be decorated with Kuma-shaped edible ingredients. Besides, customers are surrounded by Otomate-guy wallpapers, game music and so on.

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I’ve been thinking about this for some time and finally come up with this decision.

I don’t like the stillness on my blog. I mean I rarely post anything because I really don’t have time. I’ve felt the guilt and so, I’d like to formally make an announcement.

This blog is frozen from now on.

I’ll leave it the way it is just in case some information is useful for anyone.

I’ll still be around here, I assume, as otoge is my for-ever love.

Thank you everyone for all this time. I’m so happy I could be part of otoge community.