12 ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~

I got an impulse that I need to say something about 12 ji no Kane to Cinderella. The game was so enjoyable I couldn’t resist. (ΦωΦ)✦

12 時の鐘とシンデレラ ~Halloween Wedding~
(12 ji no Kane to Cinderella ~Halloween Wedding~)

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Diabolik Lovers Anthology & Hakuouki Official Taizenshuu


After I’ve been so upset for days due to HMV shipping cost, the books finally arrived. And they instantly cleared my ferocity off.

May I complain over the matter a bit. I’ve ordered Hakuouki Official Taizenshuu and Diabolik Lovers Comic Anthology in HMV (though the links are amazonjp’s). Continue reading