Diabolik Lovers Anthology & Hakuouki Official Taizenshuu


After I’ve been so upset for days due to HMV shipping cost, the books finally arrived. And they instantly cleared my ferocity off.

May I complain over the matter a bit. I’ve ordered Hakuouki Official Taizenshuu and Diabolik Lovers Comic Anthology in HMV (though the links are amazonjp’s). It’s my mistake to have NOT expected so high a delivery cost which almost allows me to order another set of the goods. Above all, before the last total amount, the web did not inform me at ALL how much exactly I had to pay for the delivery and just charged my card whatsoever. And, importantly, this was my first try ordering from this web, and definitely would be the last.

Leave that aside. Here’s the items’ package.  ❥◔ヮ◔

The delivery was intact, I suppose. The items inside are also in good condition. I was a bit nervous due to infamous rumors of the post office in my country lol.

There are fill-air bags preventing damages to the items. One of the bags lost its air, though. But the items are all right.


DiaLovers is at average size of comics. It contains two stories per each guy and actually is quite funny. Some are cut out from a scene in the situation CDs. Too bad there’s no color page, but due to the price, I don’t think there should have been xD. Really, it’s not expensive at all and it would soon get rarer to find a new one.

On the other hand, Hakuouki is quite heavy. The above picture is the box containing two full-color books inside. And they look like this ☼▽☼ キラキラ

Oh my…is that my finger…? Orz

Well, it may sound weird if I say I love how these books smell. Ah~

I have to say the guys did cheer me up (I just won’t use HMV again anyway).

I’m really impressed by this Hakuouki collection. Inside there are also short stories and the popular school life version (SSL). But, for those who have bought previous collections before, please note that it also contains old published pictures. Since I’ve never had any, I feel so good that I finally got one.

It’s great to see these guys indeed.



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