Kamigami no Asobi

It’s nothing new, but I just feel like talking about this game. C:

Up (from left): Loki Laevatein | Hades Aidoneus | Totsuka Takeru
Down (from left): Balder Hringhorni | Apollon Agana Belea | Totsuka Tsukito

Title: 神々の悪戯 (Kamigami no Asobi)

Tentative-meaning Title: Gods’ Mischievous Play

Developer: NipponIchi Software

Publisher: Broccoli

Console: PSP

Character Design: KAZUKI YONE

Music: Elements Garden

Here’s the teaser movie.

*Warning* I try my best to understand Japanese on the official site, yet I’m not so sure it would be totally correct. If anyone finds any serious mistake, please let me know. I’ll appreciate your help. ◠‿◠


Gods from various myths all over the world assemble to find a solution about some gods who appear to hate humans. Normally, it is expected that when gods give their love to humans, the latter should worship them in return, else they might cease to exist. So, the fact that the bond between humans and gods is becoming weak is alarming.  To change the situation, a human-like schoolhouse has been created and one human girl chosen. Consequently, the protagonist is to live with those handsome guys and teach them what ‘human beings’ are, and what ‘love’ is.


Apollon Agana Belea

Hades Aidoneus

Totsuka Tsukito

Totsuka Takeru

Balder Hringhorni

Loki Laevatein

All the voice actors haven’t been revealed yet. (But we can expect big names from this game, I guess.)

Character profile has been delicately translated here by ‘keepsmilinguntiltheworldends’. Thanks to her (because I myself am becoming more and more confused with Kanji). OTL

I saw in the staff blog that two Egyptian gods’ information is disclosed in a magazine. If anyone is interested, check it out.

Well, as usual, rather than formal information like above, I wanna talk a bit about my impression. ◔‿◔ (/slapped ‘who wanna know yours!?’ /smile with some blood replying ‘I don’t care, I just love these guys.’)

I think this game is worth keeping my eyes on. Look who’s the character designer — Kazuki Yone. We can expect wonderful event pictures in the game hearing this name alone. I was so impressed by Hakuouki art works.

Broccoli, well, it’s already well-known and is the one that produced that popular Utapuri.

Since I’m a newbie to otome games, I don’t know much about ‘Elements Garden’. I saw almost everyone get excited by this studio, so I’m a bit curious. It would be appreciated if anyone can tell me about Elements Garden.

The story is also interesting, especially to myth lovers. (And I’m one of them.) I wonder how they would connect these myths into the game. This must be exciting!

Now I’m attracted to Takeru and Loki. きゃあ Well, I can’t say that my type is ツンデレ guys and guys with grotesque traits, but I always end up loving these two types. OTL By the way, I hope Loki would be really REALLY weird. I’d love him sooo much. 、、>♢<、、

My only wish is — please, don’t make the protagonist annoying. ღー.ー

I don’t think the release date has been set. I can’t find it on the site. Well, there’s more to be updated on their side (but why did it take them so long? XD) and I’ll patiently wait for the full information about the game.



7 thoughts on “Kamigami no Asobi

  1. Well, I saw some pictures of this game on DGS July edition but to be honest… I’m not really interested in Kamigami no Asobi… The design is nice and I do indeed love myths and fairy tales, but somehow it doesn’t quite catch my interest… Maybe because you’re the only girl thrown into a school with only males? I can’t help to find this concept a bit boring…

    That aside… Can I assume that Kazuki Yone is working for Broccoli now? ^^

    • Yeah, I’m worried about that, too. So, if the protagonist is not likeable, I might change my mind. (There’re many other games out there, after all.)

      About Yone-sensei, well, I’m not quite sure whether she’s in a contract with any company. I saw she work for Honey-bee drama CDs as well. =..=” Perhaps a freelance?? Really have no idea, sorry. OTL

  2. Well, hopefully it’s not a “doormat” heroine, but someone who can kick gods asses, when it’s necessary. Haha. :D

    Oh, it would make sense, if Yone-sensei was a freelance illustrator. Thanks for your information anyway.

    • Sorry, I have no clue.
      But we can see that the staffs constantly have campaigns for fans. So, they might be working (hard) on it. Hope so. (=.=)

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