Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom

Sample picture from Hakuouki Yuugiroku2

Although the picture is from the upcoming Yuugiroku2 (set to be released on 20.09.2012), what I’m about to express my impression on is the international version of the original one. Here is the official site.

After it took me soooooo long to finish all routes, I finally did it! I’ve completed everyone else for a long time and had only Okita left. Well, it’s not that I didn’t fall for him. He’s actually my love at first sight ♥. If one’s wondering why, this is the reason: I got two bad habits in playing these otome games. (1) (As I played otome games so far) I usually end up keeping my love at first sight the last to play, no matter how delicately I planned to finish his route as the first one, and (2) my first route is quite unpredictable since I tend to do the first route as being myself when answering those questions. That’s how it normally turns out.

To be honest, I didn’t expect Okita’s route to be this passionate and dramatic. (Well, you can’t easily guess that with his teasing nature.) I cried hurting badly to my eyeballs last night. The only consolation for me is the thought of Hakuouki fandisks and other versions. At least, I have several places where I can see him again. TT。TT

I haven’t got a chance to play the Japanese version, but I assume they’re similar in general. So, this is my

Personal Reaction:

Hijikata – It’s strange I’m not quite drawn in in his route. Perhaps it’s because the route also deals with political things that reduce the couple’s love atmosphere. Still, I can see that Hijikata is an adult type. He seems to think of Chizuru’s interests (as well as his comrades’) and thus tries to get part with her since his duty comes with all types of dangers. I do think his route is the most suitable one to be made into the anime version. It unfolds most parts of the story and pushes the main story line, i.e. the Shinsengumi, to its end.

Okita – I don’t really have anything to say, I’d rather happily scream lol. Well, as I said, though I love him at the first sight, I didn’t expect his route to be that good. The only problem for me seems to be his voice. It’s too casual, too shounen, if I have to put it. I don’t know how else it should sound, but this can be irritating sometimes, not ALL the time, though. And, definitely, it’s so sad. It’s too heartbreaking, especially the bad end that comes with artwork. (But I’d still say I love his route.) Somehow the route is sadly beautiful. Awwww, I did cry like mad.

Saitou – He’s the first guy I got from my first play. I must say his route is impressive. Silently sweet, something like that. And most of all, he’s soooooooo handsome. きゃあぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ *cough* The means he uses to have Chizuru call him by his first name is adorable. Besides, I love that he’s obsessed with principles. Many girls hate guys like that I know. But I love that trait of his. ◔‿◔ His awkward fear of losing the meaning of life touches my heart. I’m glad he finally finds the answer.

Heisuke – …I’m sorry to his fans first before saying that I don’t like his route at all. m(_ _)m Well, I think it’s not interesting for me. I don’t like consoling a wimpy guy at the first place. But, all right, his look in western clothes kills. And his past, that’s something.

Harada – I’ll also scream for this guy lol. The route is dramatically sweet. The ending is perfect. There’s nothing more to ask from an otome game. And he is sooooo sexy. *cough* Above that, he’s a warm guy. Gosh, I don’t know what else to say for his route. It’s just perfect.

Kazama – Here’s another route I didn’t expect to be so lovely. His route shows more on Kazama’s gentle sides. Actually, he’s very kind. (His only problem fooling around with Chizuru at first solely comes from his pride as a demon.) His proposal to the heroine at the end is also very Kazama-like. xD It always reminds me of the seiyuu stage play in which Kazama and Saitou have a battle on こくはく ♥ and Kazama is really himself lol.

Beyond my personal reactions towards the guys (which actually I adore them all), I just love the game. Dramatic and beautiful, indeed.

I think Okita’s route got the sweetest love dialog. Their love expression by saying that their hearts belong to each other no matter what is very touching. Also, that Okita keeps calling Chizuru この子 is sooooo cute. It’s sad to play knowing along that these guys would soon part from us some day. And as they’re real historical figures, it makes the fact more urgent and almost palpable. Gosh, (back to Okita’s) what a poignant route. I’m really into it.

Um…I think I’ve just messed up this whole preceding paragraph. lol

Now the Reimeiroku anime and Sekkaroku 6 (Kazama’s episode, I believe?) have been released. Make sure to keep in touch with the guys. It’s good to see them alive again.



3 thoughts on “Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom

  1. I see, I found another Okita lover here. :D I’m madly in love with him too~!!! His route was awesome, even though it was really sad…. Especially his last bad ending was heartbreaking, I cried a river while watching it…
    And I hated Kaoru in this route, well it’s not like he would appear elsewhere, was so disturbing and crazy. orz

    It was funny to see, how Kazama and Kodo would change personalities in each route. Sometimes they appear to be nice and sometimes they are the bad guys, the REAL bad guys… I was quite interesting though.

    It would be great if the first fandisk would be released in English. There are more sweet and fluffy moments and a Chizuru dressed up as a Keiko, while everyone is literary drooling over her. LOL

    • The game was very lively, indeed. I like that it’s not too complicated and it’s in English. It was my first otome game, so it captured all space in my heart. ◔ヮ◔

      I’m playing Zuisouroku now. The game is soooo sweet. The guys’ reactions, those are really something! XD Have you finished the route? I’ve finished Okita様’s and almost went into crying again when seeing the ending bonus.

      Sadly, I don’t understand the whole of it. And I don’t think it would be produced in English, too. TT^TT

      • Well, Hakuouki is my first otome game too, so I understand how you feel very well. ^^

        I haven’t played Zuisouroku yet, so sadly I can’t fangirl with you at the moment. :D But I want to play it someday.
        I’m currently waiting for Clock Zero LE to come, but I have to improve my Japanese before playing it, otherwise I won’t understand the story… orz

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